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"Better Path Counseling and Consulting has truly helped me find my way. As a single parent and Adult student deciding to go back to school and further my career was big decision. My individual therapy sessions really helped me find balance and succeed in the areas of parenting, my love life, and my educational goals. I would truly recommend their services!" - Kathryn H., Age 36

"Mrs. Rix worked with me and my wife on pricing and we were able to utilize 8 sessions and really work out the communication problems we were expereincing in our marriage. We will ever be grateful for the level of professionalism couples with caring love we experiend at Better Path." - Sean Z. Age 27

"Better Path helped me increase my social skills and no longer feel inadequate amongst my peers! After just a few months of treatment I am now a confident and more happy person." - Chad S. Age 24


"I was able able to overcome my fear of public speaking through Better Path's Individual Counseling and life Coaching Services. " Jai P., Age 39

Expert in Marriage and Family Therapy ABC 13 Appearance

Photo of Better Path's Owner, Mrs. Tina Rix, appearing on ABC 13 as a Marriage and Family Therapy expert (2014).

Mrs.Tina Rix is currently endorsed by KHOU Channel 11. She is available for TV and media bookings, guest speaking panels, and volunteer projects locally and nationally. 

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