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Social Justice Efforts: Family Violence, Transphobia                        Hate/Violence, Workplace Bullying,

Psychological and Emotional Abuse Advocacy                                       At Better Path Family Counseling we will have demonstrations, rallies, and marches with the purpose and intent being to demand legislature to be written that charges emotional and psychological abusers with a criminal domestic violence charge; identical to criminal physical and sexual abuse charges, for inflicting such heinous torture, somatic disturbances, autoimmune issues, physical pain, CPTSD, PTSD, psychological abuse, sexual abuse, STDs, false allegations to family services, mobbing, gang stalking, financial abuse, heartache, devastating grief and loss, constant internal turmoil, deformation of character, smear campaigns, tarnished reputation, instability, public humiliation,  victim blame, and overall significant (and in most cases irreversible damage) to the lives of their victims. SOUL CRUSHING CHRONIC EMOTIONAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL ABUSE leads to a lack of ability to function and carry on as a responsible working adult, chronic fatigue, many mental and physical health issues, and in (more cases than we are led to believe), suicide.  ISN'T IT ABOUT TIME WE STOP PROTECTING ABUSERS? ISNT ABOUT TIME WE STOP VICTIM-BLAMING AND SHAMING? ISNT IT ABOUT TIME WE STOP TURNING A BLIND EYE AND SWEEPING ABUSE UNDER THE RUG? It's time to hold these mask wearers accountable. You can find them in all walks of life. It's a highly resorted form of abuse,  due to the fact that the abuser believes their hands remain clean after kicking off mass amounts of dirty manipulative maneuvers against their target. However, some of the same investigative tactics are used to get to the bottom of a physical crime be can and should be used to get the root of lies and false allegations against a person's character and actions.  We are combatting the spirit.... we don't have time to pick fights with individuals in our social justice and advocacy efforts. That's never been a characteristic of mine, nor will I support revealing abusers' names publicly. Again we are fighting against the spirit of this behavior. This type of abuse claims lives by way of suicide or people becoming an empty shell of their former selves. with complete and total loss and devastation all around them. When they go low we go high and we speak facts about the damages caused by this type of abuse. We will rally and match for these high crimes to be taken more seriously by healing and empowering one another to come together and stand up against emotional and psychological abuse.                                                           

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