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Tina Rix, MS, LMFT-S
Licensed Mariage and Family Therapist

Texas Board-Approved Clinical LMFT Supervisor
(Licensed for therapy in Texas, Indiana, and North Carolina) 
Certified for Life Coaching Worldwide
On-site Music World Tour Mental Health Coaching
Celebrity Trauma Therapist

Complex Trauma Therapist, Master Healer, Healing Journey Music Artist

Hello!  Welcome to my work of self-expression, healing, being transparent, and doing the difficult.but rewarding work of healing and growing. I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Supervisor in Texas with 18+ years of professional clinical experience in mental health, trauma, child abuse, sexual abuse, depression, anxiety, emotional dysregulation, and complex trauma.  I work with children, teens, and adults. 


We are a group practice; however, over the past year, I have transitioned the clinic to focus on Complex Trauma, Narcissistic Abuse, and trauma from encounters with other types or a combination of Cluster B Personality disorders.   

Historically, this is a challenging, complex, sensitive area of treatment specialization.


Because of this change in treatment Focus, since January 2022, I am not moving quickly with hiring new Therapists, as there are certain specific ways I treat trauma clients.


As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapy Supervisor, I will train my interns as I have trained myself, and it is only then that I will feel comfortable allowing them to see any clients. So, your only treatment option will be with me, Tina Rix; it is challenging to understand Narcissistic Abuse Recovery unless you have truly experienced it. This is why it is so difficult for survivors to heal because many professionals do not understand the complexities of the layers and webs of lies and deception a Cluster B personality-disordered person would take time to orchestrate in a skillfully executed attempt to ALWAYS appear as a victim, when in fact, they are the perpetrator. They are the instigators and conspirators of all the chaos, mayhem, and confusion in the relationship, family, or community. It is challenging to fathom if you have never been a target of such treatment. 

As a survivor of Narcissistic Abuse and Smear Campaigns (multiple rounds over the decades since childhood), my clients feel safe and validated in our therapy sessions. I'm sometimes a little comical, which is something my clients appreciate about me as their therapist.

I treat couples when one or both have experienced Complex Trauma symptoms and/or have been exposed to the following types of abuse: Narcissistic Abuse, Borderline Personality, Anti Social Personality, or Histrionic Personality disorder childhood trauma. 


 However, I do not provide therapy to my client's abuser. Please do not contact our office requesting couples therapy for the person actively abusing you. We are here to heal and grow. I advise you to help your paramour find a BIPP Training Course and a Licensed Counselor or Therapist who works with clients showing Cluster B Personality Disorder features. I do not treat this Cluster B personality disorder clients at this time. That is not an area of my expertise/specialization. I treat survivors and family members impacted directly by the abuse or by proxy. 

 As a Family Systems Psychotherapist, I am individualistic, collaborative, informative, focused, warm, validating, empathetic, engaging, therapeutically self-disclosing, and recovery focused while simultaneously deep-rooted generational trauma-focused.


I'm an award-winning film director and healing journey music artist. My music chronicles various emotions that I have experienced as someone plagued by a series of Narcissistic Abusers and Bullied, who left home at the age of 14, as the scapegoated child who blew the whistle on all the abuse that was occurring in my home. 

The film is a docuseries is on Amazon Prime Video called Music and Mental Health, and soon to come to YouTube for free viewing, but you must suffer through ads, lol. Don't blame me. It's the film distribution deal company's fault. 

I also have a new music album that focuses on healing from trauma and abuse, titled "No Looking Back." You should Listen to it. It has won music awards and is highly regarded and reviewed. My clients have stated that it helps them emote, and they feel empowered, encouraged, understood, and validated. 


Wooden Furnitures
Learn More About My Life's Background and Why I've Transformed My Mental Health Clinic  to Focus Exclusively
on Healing from Narcissistic Abuse and Complex Trauma 
My areas of Specialization: 
Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Clients, Trauma, Anxiety, PTSD, CPTSD, ADHD, Some Cases of Autism, and Depression (Men, Women, Teens, Children, and Families.
Non-Clinical Diagnosis Specializations 
I also specialize in musicians, music industry professionals, film industry professionals, and their families. I have seen all types of clients for years, but at this point in my career, I find it essential to specialize in helping trauma and complex trauma clients.
I'm a Nigerian American psychotherapist, award-winning film director (Music and Mental Health Docuseries Streaming on Amazon), and film producer (@musicandmentalhealthdoc on Instagram) who uses the arts incorporated with traditional psychotherapy to heal myself and help others. It's a great watch that I recommend to my clients and interns. 
I'm a Licensed Psychotherapist and Mental Health Clinical Director. My official license title is Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Supervisor.  I am based in Austin, TX and Indianapolis, IN, which has a culture that welcomes self-awareness, healing, growth, and individuality, hence the catchphrase, "Keep Austin Weird," lol.
I am an artist that creates what I like, using different sounds and different styles of singing, and I rap as well. It is a place where I get to play. I didn't have a healthy childhood and have survived multiple narcissistic cases of abuse from church settings, workplace, family, and two marriages from which I had to walk away to keep my sanity and find my most authentic self.
Through it all, I have worked on healing myself (without anyone holding my hand along the way), breaking down the stereotype of a strong black woman who feels no pain and can make it through anything, and at a point in my healing journey saying... "NO, I'm not so strong. I need no one, I can't help you all the time, and you never help or support me; I am exhausted and tired of putting on a happy face while being broken internally... I always give, and it's taken for granted while simultaneously devaluing me... "I'm Broken/Wounded/Weakened/Drained...I HAVE HAD ENOUGH"
"I Need Time and Space to Heal, "... "You Need to Heal Too, "... Healing is Honorable,"... "Healing is Transformative,"... "Healing is Contagious, "Healing Should Not be Stigmatized..."
What I learned on my healing journey was that when exposed to Complex Trauma, complex interventions, and treatment approaches, such as traditional talk therapy, physical fitness, role-playing, creating and performing music, writing, painting, and sharing your story all aid in making the healing process a lot more interactive, reflective, introspective, and enjoyable.
Better Path Family Counseling and Consulting is a safe place to share your story, educate yourself, learn what parts of yourself have unresolved/unhealed deep-rooted trauma hiding, and gain the skills to fight with facts, knowledge, awareness, evidence-based psychotherapy, such as Internal Family Systems Therapy, which I use, and transformative, nonreligious spirituality.
I'll share a little about how I went on my deep healing journey after coming out of a severely draining marriage to a Covert Narcissist. The damage was tremendous, and I realized I died within but was still alive... in other words, the trauma was paralyzing, emotionally damaging, and mentally damaging. 
In that relationship, I repeatedly encountered humiliation, disrespect, confusion, accusations, triangulation, lies, smearing, harassment, financial abuse, abandonment, noncommitment, slandering, false allegations called into the police, and living in a world where it was opposites day every day. In this marriage, everything I did that was healthy, peaceful, and good-spirited was deemed wrong, stupid, nonsensical, and shameful... this is just the tip of the iceberg. What was done to me was criminal. The effects of the wreckage showed up in my mental, physical, emotional, and psychological health. (He grew a lot and worked on himself, which caused us to actually reconcile post- divorce for about 15 months (late 2022 and throughout 2023), but ultimately he returned to his toxic ways. It was a peaceful year all in one home as I got to rest and be with my kids each day. However, his darkness overtook him and he returned to his abusive ways. We no longer live as a family unit as of 12/2023. He is a true case study I tell ya, lol. You see him pictured above in this family photo? So handsome isn't he?
Warning: Please do not fall for great looks and sustained superficial charm ladies and gentleman.
Focus deep and move slowly in the dating phase. Hold off on sexual intimacy as well... even though it may be tempting to give... just watch and observe carefully.
It's better to be single than to live with someone like this). 
I share my story while encouraging others to share their story, advocating for mental health, and being an example of a woman that may have figuratively been pulled down while up,  kicked while down, and suffocated in toxicity to the point where from the outside looking in, no one can tell who is the perpetrator and who is the victim. 
Coming from a narcissistic family upbringing, where both my parents were narcissistic, they chose me as the scapegoat. I've been underestimated and mocked but refused to give up!  People like me (sexually abused as a child, scapegoated in the family system for whistleblowing, foster teen, teen pregnancy, deadbeat dad of a child, all romantic relationships turned out to be narcissistic and sadistic psychological and emotional torture)...'s true, people like me typically don't make it this far, and that is why I have to stay the course and spread the importance of mental health awareness, complex trauma, and healing. I am dedicated to helping others break the chains of generational trauma and experiencing life as an unhealed version of themselves. 
Many people belonging to these groups heal through the arts, which is why advocating for supporting independent artists of all types is vital to my purpose as an artist with a well-established career in mental health and marriage and family therapy.
Independent artists provide us the tools we need to heal- the picture painted through emotions, lyrics, rhythms, and the sound uniquely created by their instruments... artists are needed.
Healing from devastatingly dark and inhumane emotional and psychological abuse (invisible wounds) and adult bullying awareness is needed.
Healing is integral for us to prevent more suicides and create a universal psychosocial awareness of the importance of treating other people with respect and room to discover themselves, heal, and grow. You are needed, your story matters, and your art or another profession outside the music and creative arts industry is also essential. Healing is contagious. 
Your healing is essential; sharing your story saves lives and breaks generational curses of misplaced and unprocessed trauma. I want you to know that for anyone who has experienced complex trauma... the healing journey never actually ends... you have the right to stay in therapy as long as you want. If you decide you are doing well and feel pretty stable, then decide to return to therapy for more support later on, please feel free to do so. With deep-rooted trauma, dysfunctional and diabolical families of origin, abusive ex-partners, smear campaigns causing multiple rounds of bullying, isolation, false stories spread about you, and social rejection throughout life, it is normal to have healing journey relapses... we are not judging... we love you.
I can relate, understand, empathize, and help you with the hell you have been through. You are strong... You are a fighter, which is why you are reading this right now. You want a better life. You deserve a better life. I'm here for you. I am thankful you discovered my trauma clinic; your healing journey is just as important as mine. Remember, the healing journey never ends, but we get a lot healthier and see things much clearer, with healthy boundaries and self-love, when we make it out on the other side of the agonizing phase of deep-rooted trauma healing. We are Breaking Those Chains and Setting Ourselves Free in 2023. Declare That With Me.
Here's more tea ☕️ on me:
  • I graduated in 2006 with a Master of Human Science Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy (4.0 GPA)
  • I graduated in 2004 with a Bachelor of Science in Human Foods and Nutrition.
  • I have 18+ years of experience in mental health, therapy, and social sciences/services.
  • My private practice was established in 2011
  • Better Path Family Counseling and Consulting, PLLC, was established in 2016. 
  • I have a natural love for humanity and a passion for helping individuals, couples, and families. 
  • I launched Tina Rix Music and Film, LLC, and Thought Positive Media, LLC in 2020 to unite the community through music and mental health. I'm an executive producer and Film Director of an Award-Winning (over 60 awards) 9-episode Docuseries titled Music and Mental Health. You can find more information on our homepage.  I am a music artist, releasing a full-length healing journey music album titled "No Looking Back," a labor of love and an integral part of my healing process. The music, arts, film... they are all part of me, and I killed those parts of me to fit in and be "professional," hoping to be accepted by society throughout different chapters of my life. However, music and helping others navigate life have always been my passions.
  • These two projects symbolize me returning to listening to my inner man and trusting my gut/intuition again (which is something I stopped doing to people please and keep the peace personality disorder tendencies).
  • 2024 Update: I have a new full-length album coming out focused on all of the different aspects of healing. It is called, "Where I'm Headed." It will be released in the Summer of 2024. 
  • I am happy to share my experiences with the world. I am living in my calling and expressing myself in all forms possible. I want to connect with my most authentic self and embrace the many layers and personas I embody. "I'm Every Woman...It's all in me..." like Chaka Khan and Whitney Houston sing it!  
  • I am focused on higher consciousness, career, parenting, my faith,  and choosing to be positive. I also love volunteering and/or giving back to the community.
  • I love to go on long walks in nature and in the city. I live in various states and enjoy each city's charm. 
  • I'm a world traveler. I frequent Europe (London and Paris specifically) as I have some lovely film and music associates. 
  • I create music and produce non-fiction films. Maybe one day, I will get into fictional filmmaking... 
  • I am always learning and am a big nerd... I am always learning something new and going down the rabbit hole hyper-focused. 
  • I am an introvert. My personality type is INFJ, which stands for Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging. I realize that about 75% of my clients have the same INFJ personality type. It's a mind-blowing discovery, but it makes sense because the NFJ personality type is most prone to being a target (grade A supply) for Narcissistic Abuse. If you want to know your personality type, there is a link to take the MTBI 16 personality types assessment on the home page. 
  • I'm Tina Rix, MS, LMFT-S, Master Healer, Narcissistic Abuse Survivor, Scapegoated Child Abuse Survivor, Childhood Sexual Abuse Survivor, Teen Pregnancy Survivor, Church Hate and Judgment Survivor, Workplace Bullying Target, Spiritual Warfare Warrior, Mental Health Coach, Award-Winning Film Director, Music Recording Artist, Supermom, and Nutritionist.
  •  I have healed my self-love deficit and fully developed my self-love, so much so that I am very confident in saying, "I am enough. I am worthy and allowed to show up and be proud of being my true and authentic self daily."
  • I want you to discover that you are enough, learn about your emotional needs and psychological wounds, and heal all the hurt from painful childhood trauma and other devastating experiences. 
My Personality Type: INFJ
Are there any correlations between INFJs and high-functioning autism?
Yes, unofficial studies have been done in the INFJ community 
I have Aspergers Syndrome, aka High Functioning Autism, and ADHD as well (both later diagnosed)


Are there any correlations between INFJs and high-functioning autism?

Authors of the answered question: Tina Rix and Amber Ehrlich
I'm inclined to say yes. I am talking about classical MBTI that uses cognitive functions, not the “trendy” MBTI that uses the four scales.

If you look deep into MBTI, you will find that we INFJs have the following function stack: Ni Fe Ti Se. These are what we prefer to use when interacting with the world. I will go over each of these.

First off - Introverted Intuition (Ni).

This function is someone's ability to dwell in introspection, deep thoughts, and extensive concepts and focus intensely on one thing at a time. Someone with Ni as their dominant function will use it as the lens through which they think and feel. This mostly means that a person with Ni will mainly try to analyze and think through intensely everything that crosses their mind. This in my opinion, correlates to some autistic people's “hyperfocus” mode, when they will go tunnel vision on their special interest until they feel they completely understand it and forget the world around them. It is also the overthinking that many autistic people are prone to.

Second - Extroverted Feeling (Fe).

Contrary to popular belief, this isn't the ability to feel other people's emotions and understand them, nor is it a tendency to seek the company of others. In fact, Fi can do this. It is the preference for using other people's and society's values and principles rather than one's own. I would say that as an autistic person, after being scolded many times for being rude and insensitive, we had two options: either stop caring and stand strong about who we are regardless of others’ opinions (Secondary / Tertiary Fi) or try to learn and pick up NT's ways as much as we can (Dominant / secondary Fe). I often find myself asking people what they feel about something so that I can learn what acceptable behavior in society is or how to feel about said thing.

Third - Introverted Thinking (Ti).

This is fundamentally a need to have logical consistency in one's mind. This mostly means an interest in learning about new things and how they work. This also means a tendency to be upset when the person can't wrap their head around something or doesn't get an answer to a question / doesn't feel they get enough details for a given situation. I believe autistic people are generally like this as we like to have a complete understanding of a situation before deciding on something. Sudden interests and curiosity seem to also be common in autism, which suggests the presence of this function.

Lastly - Extroverted Sensing (Se).

Oh, man, Se. Keep in mind this is our inferior function and is unbalanced, clumsy, and uncontrolled. This is someone's ability to feel, analyze and incorporate the world around them in a concrete way. This mostly means being comfortable with the outside world. It is also linked to someone's physical energy and needs for physical stimulation. Since it is our inferior function… This mostly translates to clumsiness, troubles with sensory input (both hypersensitivity and hyposensitivity), and lack of energy. It will also act through urges to buy/do something and bursts of energy. Sounds familiar?

Don't get me wrong, autistic people can be another type, and neurotypical people can definitely be INFJs. Introverted Sensing (Si) is also a good candidate because of the desire for stability and reluctance to change. Introverted Feeling (Fi) is also one because of the reasons I mentioned above. I think INFJs, INTJs, and INTPs compose most high-functioning autistic people. I have a friend with Asperger's whom I think is an ENTP.

From my own observation, female autistic people tend to be INFJs, while male autistic people tend to be INTJs.

Thank you for reading!

 (Do you stigmatize Austisitc People? Let's stop doing that... You may be on the spectrum as well and are undiagnosed. I wasn't diagnosed until (1/2023). 



Famous Autistic People (Public Figures)

Those of us who are on the Autism spectrum are different. But we are different “good.” Please see the following list of famous people with confirmed ASD diagnoses.

Sir Anthony Hopkins – Actor

Dan Aykroyd – Comedic actor 

Susan Boyle – Singer 

Tim Burton – Movie director

Alexis Wineman - First Miss America with ASD and model

Daryl Hannah – Actress & environmental activist 

Stephen Fry – Actor

Chris Packham - Naturalist, TV presenter

Elon Musk – Entrepreneur and business magnate

Dr. Michael Burry - Physician, investor, and hedge fund manager. The movie “The Big Short” is based on him.

Liane Holliday Willey - Author of “Pretending to be Normal, Asperger Syndrome in the Family”

Travis Meeks - lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter for acoustic rock band Days of the New

Satoshi Tajiri – Creator of Nintendo’s Pokémon

Dr. Vernon Smith – Nobel Prize Winner and Professor of Economics at Chapman University, essentially invented the field of experimental economics — an achievement for which he won the Nobel Prize in 2002.

Donna Williams - Autism advocate, author, and speaker

Alix Generous - Professional speaker, neuroscientist, author, artist, comedian, and media producer

Carly Fulgham - Technology project lead for National Bank and is President of the Autism Society of America

Paddy Considine - Actor

Clay Marzo - Professional surfer

Bill Gross - Successful investment manager

Barry Humphries – Actor

Dan Harmon - Writer and creator of the hit show Community

Heather Kuzmich - Model

Courtney Love - Actor, musician, and was the wife of Kurt Cobain

Temple Grandin – Animal scientist

Greta Thunberg - Environmental activist



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