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DID YOU KNOW...Tina Rix is also a Film Director.
Healing Journey Music artist?

All of her content is about mental health, empowerment, story sharing, healing trauma, empowerment, encouragement,
spiritual warfare, and rebirth

No Looking  Back Album Healing Journey Album Streaming on All Platforms

Watch the Award-Winning 9 Episode Music and Mental Health Docuseries  Streaming on Tubi and  Amazon Prime Video




"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you." 

Maya Angelou 

Tina Rix in the Media (Television) Appearances

1). Fox 7 Austin, TX, Featured Tina Rix, a Licensed Trauma Therapist speaking on the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School, Uvalde, Tx. (Tina was part of the critical incident first responders team that showed up the next day after the tragedy to provide crisis mental health support to the students and community).

2). Fox 7 Austin, TX interview about the award-winning film Docuseries, Music and Mental Health, Her music, and work as a top Mental Health Company Owner in Texas

3). ABC 13 Houston, TX Featured for Family Therapy Advocacy


4). CW 39 News FIX Houston, TX Featured Tina Rix, a Licensed Therapist speaking on depression relating to a murder/suicide breaking news story

5). CW Austin, TX Featured Tina Rix's Music on 512 Studios Live


6). KHOU  11 Houston, TX Endorsed for mental health work


My name is Tina Rix, and I'm the owner of Better Path Family Counseling and Consulting. PLLC. I am a survivor of multiple rounds of Narcissistic Abuse, smear campaigns, family childhood sexual abuse, whistleblower abuse, designated scapegoated child (with the harassment and smear campaigns never-ending into adulthood from my family of origin), mobbing, stalking, and have been a workplace adult bullying target.

As a Licensed Family Therapist Supervisor, Master Healer, Deep Rooted Trauma Expert,

and Complex Trauma Expert, my motto is:

"Your Trauma is NOT DRAMA"


I invite you to start your healing journey today. We specialize in many areas of trauma. We treat those abused, neglected, ostracized, inappropriately marginalized,  and discriminated against due to their experience of trauma and abuse. Trauma victims tend to make easy targets for future abusers to snuff out quickly if the trauma victim is unhealed because their judgment of who is safe and who is not typically is not developed well. 

We help you work through your traumas, rewrite your story, heal, understand what has happened to you, sort out how things got so bad, and support you as you pick up the pieces and rebuild a life of self-love, empowerment, advocacy, contentment, and peace. 

You are worthy, you are loved, you are special, and there is more life ahead of you, and what was done to you will not be your legacy but chapters of your story as you pass from the darkness to the light. You deserve healthy relationships with yourself and others. We will work through the deep dark areas you do not want to revisit and guide you through deep-rooted trauma work that will help you acknowledge the event, process how it affected you, understand the emotional and psychological damage that has been done, and how these events may have patterned you to walk into another abusive and/or unhealthy situation later on in life.

We utilize Family Systems Therapy, Trauma-Informed Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Systems Thinking, Support Groups, Social work, Community Support, Music Therapy, Expressive Dance Therapy, Seminars. and Retreats to foster a deep internal understanding of you that never got to unearth due to toxic shame and other maladaptive ways of thinking and help you discover your true self that was never fostered, and not allowed to exist under the hands of your abuser(s). My vision is to help our survivors appreciate their uniqueness as they learn to truly love in a way that settles for nothing less than reciprocity, no longer pouring from an empty cup and getting nothing in return. My Master Healer title helps clients understand the concept of social interaction transactional currency that demands respect and reciprocity. We train our therapists to help empower you to live a life of peace and clarity, develop healthy boundaries and teach you how to identify toxic behaviors and characteristics in yourself and others. 

Click Here to Learn More About Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS)



 Antisocial, Histrionic, and Borderline

Personality Types (Cluster B  Personality Types)



Specialized Deep- Rooted Complex Trauma Therapy

  • Adult Bullying (Community and Workplace)
  • Adult Children of Narcissistic and Borderline Parents
  • Antisocial Personality Abuse Recovery (aka Psychopath)

  • Anxiety Disorders 

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (for complex trauma survivors)

  • BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) (Therapy for clients raised by Borderline Personality Disordered Parents)

  • Bullying (Children and Teens)

  • Childhood Trauma Healing 

  • Child Molestation

  • Child Exploitation

  • Complex Trauma 

  • Co-dependency (Self-Love Deficit, Anxious Attachment, People-Pleasing Socializing Pattern)

  • CPTSD (Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (not officially in DSM 5, but widely accepted as a valid diagnosis in the field of healing chronic exposure to trauma circumstances and events )

  • Cyberbullying (Social Media, for example)

  • Deep Rooted Trauma childhood trauma, sexual abuse, scapegoated child, childhood abuse/neglect, bullying,  abandonment)

  • Depression

  • Dissociation 

  • Domestic Violence or Intimate Partner Violence  

  • Emotional Dysregulation 

  • Emotional and Psychological Abuse 

  • Expressive Art Therapy (painting, drawing, acting, role-playing, and comedy

  • Grief/Loss (Grief Associated with Narcissistic Personality Disorder/Cluster B Personality Disorder Abuse. Not Bereavement (meaning the sorrow felt from the loss of a loved one)

  • High Conflict Divorce (prolonged litigation)

  • High Conflict Family Dynamics 

  • High Conflict Romantic Relationships 

  • Histrionic Personality Disorder   

  • Internet Sweepstakes Scams (loss of money from fraudsters making you pay fees to collect the alleged awarded money you supposedly won) 

  • LGBTQIA2+ Experienced Traumas  (LGBTQIA2s+ Community Allied) 

  • Low Self Esteem 

  • Low Self Worth 

  • Lack of Confidence 

  • Narcissistic Personality Disorder Abuse Recovery 


  • Near-Death Experience(s)

  • Panic Attacks 

  • Parallel Parenting 

  • Parentified Child Abuse Recovery

  • Parental Alienation 

  • Poor Boundaries 

  • Post-Divorce "Rebirth" Treatment Program

  • PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

  • Psychopathy (aka Antisocial Personality Disorder) Personality Disorder Abuse Healing)

  • Family Incest (typically swept under the rug)

  • Scapegoated Child Abuse Recovery

  • Self Love Deficit (falls into the Addiction category, at times referred to as co-dependency) 

  •   Sexual Abuse/ Sexual Assault              

  • Spiritual Warfare Warrior Treatment Program
    (non-religious spiritual awareness programs... spiritual healing program for deeply rooted trauma, generational trauma, and systemic socioeconomic and racial trauma)

  • Smear Campaign Victim Trauma

  • Systemic Oppression of Marginalized Communities 

  • Workplace Bullying/Workplace Mobbing/Narcissistic Abuse at the Workplace and Professional Settings 

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Tina Rix, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Supervisor, Narcissistic Abuse Survivor

18+ Years of Experience in the field of Mental Health and Trauma Work

"Complex Trauma Requires Delicate, Deep-Rooted,

Systemic, and Integrative Healing Methods"


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"We welcome you, Better Path People! 
Let's Do the Work and Heal So We Can Thrive, and
Transform Our Lives Into One Filled with Mental Health Care,
Peace, Hope, Self-Love, Acceptance, and Contentment!"

Tina Rix, MS, LMFT-S, Master Healer 
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Awarding Winning Film Director, Tina Rix:


Season 1


Please support by viewing the docuseries and leaving a review on Amazon Prime Video 

Hello, my name is Tina Rix. I am the director of a 9 Episode Docuseries: Music and Mental Health. The project aims to help stomp out mental health stigma and shed light on independent music artists in the Austin, TX, area. Artists share their stories about challenging parts of their life and career and how they were able to push through, care for their mental health, and continue in their music careers. 

This series focuses on STOMPING OUT THE STIGMA surrounding Mental Health and highlighting the healing nature of art through music.



Tina Rix's Film Production Company, Thought Positive Media
Explaining the Austin, TX Based Music and Mental Health 9 Episode Docuseries

Film Reels

Music and Mental Health 9 Episode Docuseries  Official Trailer 
A Thought Positive Media Production

Texas Black Pages Film Director Spotlight
Film Director, Tina Rix  Interview 

Music and Mental Health Docuseries
Capital City Black Film Festival

Official Selection Austin, TX

Trailer of Episode 1 of 9:
Music and Mental Health Docuseries

Features Tina Rix, Riders Against the Storm, HAAM (Health Alliance for Austin Musicians), Oasis on Lake Travis, and more...

Trailer of Episode 2 of 9: ​
Music and Mental Health Docuseries
Based in Austin, TX
Featuring Sam Houston and Blk Odyssy, SIMS Foundation, and More...

Trailer of Episode 7 of 9: ​Music and Mental Health Docuseries
Based in Austin, TX 
Featuring Tomar and the FCs, Music Producer and Composer George Pettus, the Radio Gunners, and More...

Full Mini Episode 9 of 9: Music and Mental Health Docuseries
Features Tina Rix, LMFT, Master Healer, and Entertainment Industry Therapist. 

LA-Based Psychologist Greg Cason, Ph.D.,  featured on Entertainment Tonight, interviews Tina Rix, and they discuss topics of life, music, trauma, and mental health. 
Tina Rix visits the North Hollywood Music Studio, Clear Lake Recording Studios

Support group

Self Love Sundays w/Tina Rix, LMFT-S 
Topic: Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Self Love Sundays w/Tina Rix, LMFT-S 
Topic: Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Self Love Sundays w/Tina Rix, LMFT-S 
Topic: Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Self Love Sundays w/Tina Rix, LMFT-S 
Topic: Growing Up In a Narcissistic Family Dynamic 
Live Concert

Learn More About Tina Rix the Film Director Here: Thought Positive Media Film Productions Official Website

Welcome to the  Tina Rix Music Project
A Deep-Rooted Healing Journey Music 
Streaming Everywhere You Consume Music 

Featured on Fox 7 Austin and CW Austin
She believes the healing journey never ends for the extensive amount of abuse and trauma she has been through in her life and that is what her music is all about. Freedom of expression through artistic storytelling for spiritual growth and emotional healing that she can share with the world and my narcissistic abuse recovery and complex trauma communities.

Planet and Moon
Tina Rix: The Healing Journey Music Artist 

Austin, Texas, based (and London, UK frequenter), Nigerian American Sr. Trauma Therapist, Celebrity Therapist, Award-Winning Film Director, and producer Tina Rix is taking on the music industry with songs designed to heal and validate traumatic experiences (Narcissistic Abuse, Emotional Abuse, bullying, spiritual warfare, & smear campaigns) in her music. The musician advocates for mental health & healing trauma. She has been through many rounds of abuse & mistreatment in life that have led her to where she is now—on a continuous journey of self-validation, healing, growth, authenticity, and individuality. This is a path she wishes to share with the world through music. “I love myself & understand my story. I understand my personality, and my goal is to help others go deeper and heal by sharing their story. I want to break chains for the next generation." Tina Rix’s vibe can best be described as a harmony between Alternative R&B mixed with Afropop, Afrobeat, and Latin influences. Her music vibes = unrefined, raw emotion, subtle traces of powerful gospel music vocals, and undertones of spiritual experiences. Topics related to perseverance and healing. Her global writing team/assistants supported Tina Rix’s vision, helping her emote the messages for listeners to experience. “I have to feel something in the music,” says the Tina Rix of her process. “If I feel like it [the beat] resonates with me and what I’ve been through, then I begin the writing process.

No Looking Back Album Cover
Music Recording
    Music Equipment
    Recording Studio
    Film Clapboard

    Complex Trauma Therapy Available
    for Entertainment Industry Professionals
    and Their Families    

    Audio Engineer
    Film Student
    "...Self Care Is the Best Care Because the Industry Gets Draining and Feels Unfair, Dark, and Shady... with Lots of Cold Stares...""
    Tina Rix, LMFT-S

    "Your Trauma is NOT DRAMA,
    Musician on Stage
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