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We realize that no one is perfect and that perfection is not a healthy goal to strive for. We view  therapy as a collaborative process and work with our clients in a way that provides the evidence-based tools and skills necessary to shift their lives, relationships, families, and business realtions to a desired Better Path.


Modalities Used:

  • Family Systems Theories

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT),

  • Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT)

  • Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT)


Therapy | Coaching | Consulting  



Couples | Marriage | Family


Address barriers in communication patterns and faulty behaviors that negatively impact the quality of your relationship(s) and offer guidance in any of the following areas:
Premarital and Marital: 
For over thirty years, PREPARE/Enrich has been the #1 guide for helping couples explore and strengthen their relationships.

Tina Rix, CEO of Better Path, and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist is certified in PREPARE/Enrich and utilizes the assessments and couples workbooks when working with engaged and married couples. Mrs. Rix also holds trainings to certify other professionals in PREPARE/Enrich, Contact us for more info.



Advantages of PREPARE/Enrich:


  • Encourages productive conversations

  • Addresses issues couples have if they are not yet aware of their problems

  • Identifies relationship strengths

  • Recognizes what relationship skills to teach that can help couples resolve current issues and prevent future problems

Family Therapy | Other Relationships 
  • Improve communication

  • Strengthen friendship and appreciaton component of the realtionship

  • Explore ways to argue in a less toxic and hurtful way

  • Create dialogue around trust issues and work through fears of infidelity

  • Enhance romance and intimacy

  • Experience trauma, milestones, and life transitions in a more positive way 

  • Navigate divorce/separation/co-parenting/remarriage/blended family

  • Mindful understanding of family dynamins

  • Understand what family systems and family dynamics are

  • Reparing the passion for having a healthy and thriving family 

  • Improve spiritual life and incorpate spirituality into personal life to improve balance and mental health. 


Owner, and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Life Coach, and Nutritionist,  Mrs.Tina Rix, shares a special message:















"Thank you for visiting our website. It means alot that you are considering us for your personal mental health and/or relationship needs. I know how overwheling it can be to take that bold extra step to actually seek  out help.


My team of professionally licensed therapists, counselors, and I are here to assist you and your loved ones every step of the way. Begin Your Better Path Today!"


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       Dating Issues?


Are you experiencing difficulties when it comes to to finding the right partner for you? Contact us today and begin down your desired path of disovering how to better balance  the complexities of modern day dating issues and frustrations, yet maintain a healthy and fufilling single life as well.    

Online | Web Based | Virtual Therapy 
  • Online/Telepsych therapy, coaching, and consulting services will be provided and powered by VSee. Click at the "enter virtual office" button below at time of your session.
  •   VSee is HIPAA compliant, regualted, and you can rest assured that your privacy is secure.

  • Online video session cost/fees will parallel those of sessions held in office. There is no difference in pricing.

  •  Some clients have found themselves more likely to commit to their therapy program and work through all of their issues by attending exclusively online therapy or coaching session, 

Individual Therapy or Life Coaching:


  • Life Transition Difficulties
  • Dating Struggles
  • Developmental (Intellectual)  Disabliites 
  • Underdeveloped Communication Skills 
  • Social Media, Gaming, and Internet Addiction
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Mood Inconsistancies 
  • Work Related Stress Management
  •  Grief and Loss
  • Nutritional and Fitness Plan Coaching