Better Path Family Counseling and Consulting, PLLC is a practice dedicated to providing you with the highest quality, cost-effective mental health care. We accept all major credit cards and health care savings account payments. We Also Accept Most Private Insurance Plans and Medicaid.​

Treatment Fees

Services and Cash Pay Prices
(If you have insurance you will be paying a different/lower rate)



  • Individual Therapy: (45 minutes) $120 per Individual Session or $450 for 4 Sessions

  • Couples Therapy: (45 minutes) $140 per Couples Session or $530 for 4 Sessions ​

  • Family Therapy: (45 minutes) $160 per Family Session  or $610 for 4 Sessions

  • Life Coaching and Vegan (Dietary) Lifestyle Consulting: (45 minutes) $120 per Session or $370 for 4 Sessions

  • Pysch Evaluations (Various): Contact us to explain your needs

  • Anger Management Courses: $580 6 week course or $380 3 week course (certificate of completion given)

  • Parenting Skills Course: $580 6 week course or $380 3 week course (certificate of completion given)

  • Employee Conflict Resolution Consulting: Consulting rates are: $100-$120/hour


  • Corporate or School Event Speaker & Motivational Speaker: Contact us






-Baylor Scott and White


-Blue Care Network


-Coventry/ Frist Health

-CHIP | Children's Program 

-Blue Cross Blue and Blue Shield 



-Deer Oaks 






- Right Care


-Several EAPs

-Superior Healthplan

-Traditional Medicaid

  • Other Fees and Special Payment Arrangements: Contact us for more information  

  • Group Therapy: Contact us for more information 

  • Court Ordered Counseling: Contact us for more information (certificate of completion given)

  • Volunteer Services: Contact us for more information on reduced cost and free counseling services for battered women and at risk youth. 

Cancellation Policy
 A 24 Hour Notice Is Needed
Better Path Family Counseling and Consulting is not set up like a busy Medical Dr.'s office,  with a number of patients that are double-booked and waiting to be seen. If one patient cancels, the Dr.'s office staff can simply call on the next patient to be seen for that appointment time. In contrast, at Better Path Family Counseling and Consulting we book our clients in one hour blocked out timeframes, which means that when a client cancels at the last minute, we lose an hour of the business day that another client could have received treatment. 
Over Session Time Limit Fees


There is an addition fee for going over your scheduled session times. Hopefully it will not happen often , but when it does, the fees incured are as follows:


$15.00/15 minutes over session time 

$40.00/ 30 minutes over session time 

$60.00/ 45 minutes over session time 

$90.00/ 60 minutes over session time


Regular Session Times:

45-minute therapy sessions

40-minute life coaching sessions

30-minute consulting appointment.

Too Busy or Live Too Far For Office Visits?

Online or Phone Therapy May Be The Right Fit For You

Contact us for more info 

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