Tina Rix, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Master Healer, Entertainment Industry Therapist, Spiritual Warfare Warrior, Narcissistic Abuse, Domestic Violence, Workplace Bullying, and Adult Bullying Survivor
"Complex Trauma Requires Complex & Intensive Healing" 

DID YOU KNOW...Tina Rix is also an award-winning filmmaker/film director and music recording artist? 
She also volunteers at Austin's community radio station
88.7 FM KAZI 

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you." 

Maya Angelou 

Tina Rix TV Press Features on Mental Health, Film, and Music

1). Fox 7 Austin, TX for  her award-winning film Docuseries, Music and Mental Health, Her music, and work as a top Mental Health Company Owner in Texas

2). ABC 13 Houston, TX Featured for Family Therapy Advocacy


3). CW 39 News FIX Houston, TX Featured Tina Rix, Licensed Therapist speaking on depression relating to a murder/suicide breaking news story

4). CW Austin, TX Featured Tina Rix Music


5). KHOU  11 Houston, TX Endorsed for mental health work

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In-Office, Online, and Telehealth Trauma Based Services

 My name is Tina Rix, and I'm the owner of Better Path Family Counseling and Consulting. PLLC. I am a survivor of multiple rounds of Narcissistic Abuse, smear campaigns, family childhood sexual abuse, whistleblower abuse, designated scapegoated child (with the harassment and smear campaigns never-ending into adulthood from my family of origin), mobbing, stalking, and have been a workplace adult bullying target.

As a Licensed Family Therapist, Master Healer, Deep Rooted Trauma Expert,

and Complex Trauma Expert, my motto is:

Your Trauma is NOT DRAMA"


I invite you to start your healing journey today. We specialize in many areas of trauma. Basically, we treat those that have been abused, neglected, ostracized, inappropriately marginalized,  and discriminated against due to their experienced trauma and abuse. 

We help you work through your traumas, rewrite your story, heal, understand what has happened to you and how things got so bad, and support you as you pick up the pieces and rebuild a life of self-love, empowerment, advocacy, contentment, and peace. 

You are worthy, you are loved, you are special, there is more life ahead of you, and what was done to you will not be your legacy, but rather chapters of your story as you pass from the darkness to the light. You deserve healthy relationships with yourself and others. We will work through the deep dark areas you do not want to revisit and guide you through deep-rooted trauma work that will help you acknowledge the event, process how it affected you, understand the emotional and psychological damage that has been done, and how these events may have patterned you to walk into another abusive and/or unhealthy situation later on in life.

We utilize Family Systems Therapy, EMDR Trauma-Informed Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Systems Thinking, Support Groups, Social work, Community Supports, Music Therapy, Art, Therapy, Play Therapy, Expressive Dance Therapy, Seminars. and Retreats to foster a deep internal understanding of you that never got to be and help you find true yourself that was published, abused, and not allowed to exist under the hands of your abuser(s). My vision is to help our survivors appreciate their uniqueness as you learn to truly love in a way that settles for nothing less than love in return. My Master Healer status helps clients understand the concept I call social interaction transactional currency called to respect and reciprocity. We train our therapists to help empower you to live a life of peace, clarity, develop healthy boundaries, and teach you how to identify toxic behaviors and characteristics 

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 Antisocial, Histrionic, and Borderline

Personality Types 

Specialized Trauma Treatment and Recovery Services Includes

  • Antisocial Personality Abuse Disorder (aka Sociopathy)

  • Borderline Personality Disorder 

  • Deep Rooted Trauma-Informed Healing (parent's divorce, childhood abuse/neglect, abandonment)

  • Histrionic Personality Disorder 

  • Narcissistic Personality Disorder Abuse Recovery 

  • Psychopathy Personality Abuse Recovery 

  • High Conflict/ Prolonged Divorce

  • Near-Death Experience(s)

  • Grief/Loss


  • EMDR

  • PTSD

  • Panic Attacks 

  • EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)

  • Scapegoated Child Abuse Recovery "Soul Rebirth"                                                              (Socially Crippling/Psychologically Damaging Inhumane Abuse )

  • Therapy for the Entertainment Industry Professional and Their Family

  • Coaching Service (Insurance covered as it is a therapy utilizing the CBT modality)

  • Spiritual Warfare Warrior Treatment Program
    (non-religious spiritual awareness programs... spiritual healing program for deeply rooted trauma, generational trauma, and systemic trauma...group and individual) 

  • Domestic Violence Prevention 

  • Emotional and Psychological Abuse 

  • Sexual Abuse/ Sexual Assualt 

  • Transphobic Discrimination, Harassment, and Violence Recovery 

  • Therapeutic Art Therapy (painting, drawing, acting, role-playing, and comedy

  • Blatant and Covert Racial Profiling and Discrimination Trauma Recovery 

  • Police Department Excessive Force/Shooting/Killing Traumatic Event Deep Grieving Treatment 

  • Workplace Bullying/Workplace Mobbing/Narcissistic Abuse at the Workplace 

  • Church and/or Community Ostracization Trauma Recovery                                              

  • Post Divorce "Rebirth" Treatment Program

  • Bullying

  • Cyberbullying

  • Adult Bullying 

  • Smear Campaign Trauma, Grief, and Loss Treatment Program 

  • Emotional and Psychological Devastation, CPTSD, and Inability to Function Day to Day Emotional Support and Care 1 Hour Daily Intensive Support                                                        (This service is a Daily Cost of $90 per hour and is not covered by insurance. Minumim 7 days, maximum 30 days)

  • LGBTQIA2s+ Community Allied 

  • ICE Detainment Trauma, PTSD, and Grief/Loss Treatment                                                

Social Justice Efforts: Family Violence, Transphobia                        Hate/Violence, Workplace Bullying,

Psychological and Emotional Abuse Advocacy                                       At Better Path Family Counseling we will have demonstrations, rallies, and marches with the purpose and intent being to demand legislature to be written that charges emotional and psychological abusers with a criminal domestic violence charge; identical to criminal physical and sexual abuse charges, for inflicting such heinous torture, somatic disturbances, autoimmune issues, physical pain, CPTSD, PTSD, psychological abuse, sexual abuse, STDs, false allegations to family services, mobbing, gang stalking, financial abuse, heartache, devastating grief and loss, constant internal turmoil, deformation of character, smear campaigns, tarnished reputation, instability, public humiliation,  victim blame, and overall significant (and in most cases irreversible damage) to the lives of their victims. SOUL CRUSHING CHRONIC EAMITONAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL ABUSE leads to a lack of ability to function and carry on as a responsible working adult, chronic fatigue, many mental and physical health issues, and in (more cases than we are led to believe), suicide.  ISN'T IT ABOUT TIME WE STOP PROTECTING ABUSERS? ISNT ABOUT TIME WE STOP VICTIM-BLAMING AND SHAMING? ISNT IT ABOUT TIME WE STOP TURNING A BLIND EYE AND SWEEPING ABUSE UNDER THE RUG? It's time to hold these mask wearers accountable. You can find them in all walks of life. It's a highly resorted form of abuse,  due to the fact that the abuser believes their hands remain clean after kicking off mass amounts of dirty manipulative maneuvers against their target. However, some of the same investigative tactics are used to get to the bottom of a physical crime be can and should be used to get the root of lies and false allegations against a person's character and actions.  We are combatting the spirit.... we don't have time to pick fights with individuals in our social justice and advocacy efforts. That's never been a characteristic of mine, nor will I support revealing abusers' names publicly. Again we are fighting against the spirit of this behavior. This type of abuse claims lives by way of suicide or people becoming an empty shell of their former selves. with complete and total loss and devastation all around them. When they go low we go high and we speak facts about the damages caused by this type of abuse. We will rally and match for these high crimes to be taken more seriously by healing and empowering one another to come together and stand up against emotional and psychological abuse.                                                           


Awarding Winning Film Director, Tina Rix:


Based in Austin, TX 

Hello, my name is Tina Rix. I am the director of a 9 Episode Docuseries: Music and Mental Health. The purpose of the project is to help stomp out the stigma that surrounds mental health as well as shed light on independent music artists in the Austin, TX area. Artists share their stories about different parts of their life and career that were challenging and how they were able to push through and care for their mental health as well as continue in their music careers. 

This series focuses on STOMPING OUT THE STIGMA surrounding Mental Health and highlighting the healing nature of art through music.

Be sure to follow the Music and Mental Health Docuseries Film Festival Journey by checking out the website http://thoughtpositivemedia.com and following the film page on IG @musicandmentalhealthdoc

Tina Rix's Film Production Company, Thought Positive Media
Explaining the Austin, TX Based Music and Mental Health 9 Episode Docuseries

Music and Mental Health 9 Episode Docuseries Trailer 
A Thought Positive Media, LLC Production

Trailer of Episode 1 of 9:
Music and Mental Health Docuseries

Features Tina Rix, Riders Against the Storm, HAAM (Health Alliance for Austin Musicians), Oasis on Lake Travis, and more...

Texas Black Pages Film Director Spotlight
Film Director, Tina Rix  Interview 

Music and Mental Health Docuseries
Capital City Black Film Festival

Official Selection Austin, TX

Trailer of Episode 2 of 9:
Music and Mental Health Docuseries
Based in Austin, TX
Featuring Sam Houston and Blk Odyssy, SIMS Foundation, and More...

Trailer of Episode 7 of 9: Music and Mental Health Docuseries
Based in Austin, TX 
Featuring Tomar and the FCs, Music Producer and Composer George Pettus, the Radio Gunners, and More...

Full Mini Episode 9 of 9: Music and Mental Health Docuseries
Features Tina Rix, LMFT, Master Healer, and Entertainment Industry Therapist. 

LA-Based Psychologist Greg Cason, Ph.D.,  featured on Entertainment Tonight, interviews Tina Rix, and they discuss topics of life, music, trauma, and mental health. 
Tina Rix visits the North Hollywood Music Studio, Clear Lake Recording Studios

Thought Positive Media Film Productions Website

Welcome to the  Tina Rix Music Project: A Deeply Healing Journey 
Featured on Fox 7 Austin and CW Austin
Learn More About Tina's Healing Journey Through Music Now
Tina Rix will be releasing new music later in 2022 and there will be a visual album with acting and expressive dance to accompany the full-length album release. We are so excited!
She believes the healing journey never ends for the extensive amount of abuse and trauma she has been through in her life and that is what her music is all about. Freedom of expression through artistic storytelling for the purpose of symbolic healing that I can share with the world and my narcissistic abuse recovery, church member discrimination, Transphobic, and Me Too Movement, Domestic Violence, and Systemic Racism communities.  
Be sure to follow us on IG, Twitter, FB, and Twitter @iamtinarix 

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    Film Student

    Therapy for Entertainment Industry Professionals and Their Families Is Available   

    Audio Engineer
    "...Self Care Is the Best Care Because the Industry Gets Draining and Feels Unfair, Dark, and Shady... with Lots of Cold Stares...""
    Tina Rix, LMFT 

    "Your Trauma is not Drama," Tina Rix, LMFT 
    Musician on Stage